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Camera & stand 06.7.30 002.jpg This weblog has just become a photo blog. In the past week or so several of the postings have gained an extra full-colour visual dimension. It may take a while yet, but hopefully in due course your aspirant photoblogger will get around to visuals for most of these postings.

There has been something of a lull in up-front activity on this site for the past few days. Never fear, however, there is no lack of action behind the scenes.

Photographer photo'd (H) 06.7.12.jpg Truth is, I've been learning how to put photos on my website; and my excellent and long-suffering web designer, Nick Prior, has been doing his best to teach me by 'distance learning' (i.e. down a phone line..... ).

You, The Reader, and Nick can be the judges, but I think I've got the hang of it now - it's like weblinks only fancier, because you usually have to change the size of the photo too (otherwise anyone without good broadband would have to wait ages for the download).

My first photoblog efforts
So now we have quite a few articles / postings with their very own pictures. Please take a look at my photographic efforts to date (all my own shots). Themes covered in this first week include: Sefton Park birds, Sefton Park development plans, Wavertree Botanic Gardens, Big Science and the new localism, Minako and Ian's lovely 'international' wedding, and life with a violin and its owner.

There will, I hope, be more before too long. Your comments are welcome - and please watch this space....

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Hey Hilary

Well done!

Are you available for weddings?


hi hilary
are you a born and bred scouser
i dont think you are

[Well Dave, no not born and bred here (though my family is); I've 'only' been here 35 years...! (I mention this in my recent piece on Liverpool, actually.)
Cheers, Hilary

PS Are you?]

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