This Website Is Two Years Old Today

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Party multi-coloured windmill 6101 (98x95).jpg Well, happy birthday to us all!
Today is two years to the day from when I posted my first 'real' blog - a day my website designer Nick Prior and I had worked towards for several months. And a whole twenty four months later, we're still going fine, with ever-growing numbers of visitors and well more than three hundred pieces, about 'all sorts', up and on-line.

It's been a great trip so far. It's a real challenge - to which you can say, better than I, whether I've risen - to write clearly and, hopefully, in an interesting way, about the things I see around me and become involved in. But whatever, I really enjoy trying....

The stats
When we started I was delighted if just a tiny handful of kind friends visited the site in any one day. Now hundreds (still I'm sure kind friends, but often at a heck of a distance - my website statistics tell me there have been visitors from 130 countries) pop in and out over the twenty four hours.

And now too the website's Google rating is (fingers crossed) a steady five, a measure I could only dream about a year ago. Nick Prior told me it would take about this long, if I worked hard to keep things going; and, as usual, he was right.

The content
But much more importantly than Google ratings, I think I'm beginning to learn 'what works'. I have always wanted this website to be a pleasant place to visit, somewhere of course where you can read a particular take, as well expressed as I can make it, on issues which engage me; but also somewhere which offers enjoyable and interesting photographs and ideas.

In short, I wanted to create a sort-of on-line 'magazine' for people who share some of my interests... as I really appreciate when they (you) share ideas back with me via the Comments box or in emails.

Thank you!
So, thank you Nick for deciding to take time (then and still now) to get me up and running, and for suspending belief enough to think maybe, just maybe, I'd do something with this website for more than just a few weeks.

And thank you, Dear Reader, for bearing with me too. I really hope you're enjoying what you see.

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