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Hilary Burrage Ltd Well, I've taken the plunge. From today I'm no longer a Sole Trader, but, rather, a Private Limited Company. It's a sensible move in business terms, but it's also definitely a stepping stone towards a way of working which even three or four years ago I never thought would be for me. In part, this is because my circumstances have changed through happenstance, and in part it's a changed mode of professional functioning which has developed its own logic over the past few years.

It may feel a bit daunting right now, but it's also a very positive challenge.... so wish me luck!

See also HerStory (1950-)

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Hi Hilary

I am an MA Radio student looking to produce a docu-drama on the Victorian pioneer, Josephine Butler. I have happened upon your link with reference to the Case History installation on Hope Street, Liverpool. I wondered if you could point me in the direction of anyone who knows about JB in Liverpool?


Emma Golby-Kirk

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