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Sefton Park Liverpool Daffodils The past few days have convinced us that Spring is finally on its way. The daffodils in Sefton Park are a glory all of their own - the focus of hope in so many ways, at the equinox when people begin once more to populate our park's wonderful space, strolling by in chatty groups, with prams, on bicylces, running to raise funds for charity or simply stopping to enjoy. And then as the daffodils begin to fade, we see the promise of the next great gift of nature, the delicate blossoms of almond and cherry to delight us yet a while....

Sefton Park Liverpool Daffodils (29 March 2009)

Sefton Park Liverpool - first blossoms of Spring (30 March 2008)

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Liverpool Sefton Park 'Sage' - tree trunk sculpted Is it Merlin, or is it some other mystical creature, whose likeness arose silent and unannounced from the lone long-topped tree trunk in the heart of Sefton Park? One August morning, in the midst of the more expected park renovations of 2008, there 'he' was, the beautifully sculpted Sage of Sefton Park, the beginning, we can only hope, of a serendipitous array of creations in the park, for us to enjoy and create further in our imaginations as we wish.

08.08.23 Sefton Park 'Sage' - sculpture from a tree trunk

08.04.06  Sefton Park tree trunk in snow

It's heartening that, even so long after it was first suggested, a tree sculpture has now appeared in our park, a place subject, for many months now, to less engaging and sometimes jarring disruption.

Who sculpted our 'Sage' and why or how, we don't at present know [later: or at least we didn't then]; but perhaps that mystery can be resolved [please see Comments below]? Is 'he' Merlin the wizard or some other mystical creature? Does he have a message, or is he simply there to lift our imaginations and to add some fun as we stroll by, or as we pop into the cafe with the kids for a little treat?

May this be the start of much more creativity and friendly magic for the imagination, in this special urban green space right by the centre of our city.

08.08.15 Sefton Park 'Sage' wood sculpture by Hanna Jelinek

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08.2.16 Sefton Park boating lake with dumped bike The upheavals as Sefton Park is 'restored' have been grim. Trees and habitats destroyed, birdlife disrupted and months of mud and noise - though at least, we all believed, for future benefit. But will the Boating Lake, largest and most public of the waterways, now remain a dumping ground for waste as before? Apparently the money may be running out. If it does, I'd say, so is our civic pride.

08.06.27  Sefton Park boating lake with heron and rubbish

Is this (above) the view of Sefton Park Boating Lake which will stay with us after all the heritage and landscape restoration is finished? Will the people of Liverpool, already said by Bill Bryson to have celebrated a 'Festival of Litter', permit what is arguably the City's most significant park to retain within it a dumping ground for anything their careless fellow citizens have over the decades jettisoned into the Boating Lake?

... and this proposed 'cost-cutting', so it is said, all for a saving which is probably less than the amount already spent on destroying perfectly healthy trees in Sefton Park because they 'block the view'?

The photographs below show some of the garbage which lies below the normal waterline of the lake, together with a view of the area which the dredger has cleaned up (by the top island), and the boating fence which, as things stand, may delineate the divide between the restored area and the much larger part of the lake which it's feared will be left in neglect.

Will the powers-that-be ensure, despite the rumours, that the whole lake will be cleared? Or has this City really still so little civic pride? We await the evidence that all will be well, hopefully very soon.

08.05.18 Sefton Park boating lake with swan and rubbish

08.05.10  Sefton Park boating lake with dredging machinery

08.05.26 Sefton Park boating lake half dredged

08.2.17 Sefton Park boating lake with dividing fence by island (icy)

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08.3.10 Sefton Park protests   Nobody asked me  185x85  072aa.jpg Renovation of Liverpool's Sefton Park has not lacked controversy - especially concerning the removal of healthy trees (and thereby wildlife habitats) in order to improve sightlines for monuments. In protest at this there has been both formal objection from Friends of Sefton Park and anonymous direct action.

08.3.10 Sefton Park protests   Nobody asked me  Noticeboard 500x290  072a.jpg

08.3.10 Sefton Park protests Digger  500x450 099a.jpg

08.03.16  Sefton Park protests   300 trees felled 500x370 007a.jpg

08.03.23 Sefton Park protest   grotto noticeboard  017a.jpg 08.3.16Sefton Park protest  tree notice Help! 120x470  005aa.jpg

08.04.5 Sefton Park protest poem  500x300 087a.jpg

08.05.15 Sefton Park (Lynda Fon, Cllr. John Coyne, Martin Robinson - Friends of Sefton Park 'binding' the trees after they have been stripped) 500x370 005a.jpg

08.04.26 Sefton Park Protest poster Contact Louise Ellman MP  003a.jpg

08.06.12 Sefton Park Children's protest pictures in Cafe 500x300  025a.jpg

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08.3.22 Sefton Park Easter Bunny hats! 262x92  051.JPG Sefton Park is the venue for a very organised fitness training programme. The wearers of these cheery Easter bonnets are amongst those for whom even the Bank Holiday weekend offers no let up on the exercise regime.

08.3.22 Sefton Park Easter keep-fit enthusiasts 491x456 051a.jpg

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08.2.1 Sefton Park renovation tree chopped and felled pink ribbon  117x110 025a.jpg Mid-winter, and the rawest, sorest part of the oh-so necessary works on Liverpool's Sefton Park has begun. Here lies the pink ribbon of protest an anonymous tree-lover tied on this felled tree. And here (below) lies scattered the still fresh sawdust of the vigorous cull of trees around the upper lake. Soon, we are assured, these voids will be host to new and vibrant growth. Soon, our park will be even more lovely than before.

08.2.1 Sefton Park renovation trees felled and fresh sawdust, top lake with stump machine 496x372 020a.jpg

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Sefton Park Beeches Autumn 06.11.03 1915a (91x122).jpg Liverpool's Sefton Park, part of a once sprawling Royal Park, is the 187 acre lung of the city's historic Toxteth, Aigburth and adjacent areas. The designers Edouard Andre and Louis Hornblower, commissioned by some of the city's Victorian philanthropists, worked between 1867 and 1872 to bring enduring tranquility and beauty to the people of Liverpool.

Sefton Park Beeches in Autumn 06.11.03 1916a (486x365).jpg

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Grebe CIMG7739.JPG Yesterday we saw the grebes on Sefton Park lake in Liverpool. There were the two adults who caused such excitement when they arrived some three years ago, plus two quite large chicks, all bobbing up and down happily in the centre of the lake. Then, a little further on we saw swans, a pair with four cygnets this year.

Like the grebe chicks, the cygnets are now almost full-size, but just a bit more fluffy and woolly coloured than their parents.

The grebes
This is the first time we've actually ever seen the grebes' family; perhaps the young ones lurk near the island at the top end of the lake until they're large enough to survive in more open water - though even today we saw the parents feeding their young straight from a catch of minnows.

Cygnets and swans
The swans, however, are less shy and their young have been 'on show' for several months. Perhaps their size is adequate protection without further caution. This year four out of an original five cygnets have survived, which seems to be about par for their annual breeding activity.

So how many cygnets must this pair of swans have produced over the years? And where do they all go?

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Liverpool's Sefton Park, Swans, Herons And Grebes

Sefton Park, Liverpool: Winter Solstice 2006

Cherry Blossom For May Day In Sefton Park, Liverpool

Friends Of Sefton Park

Save This Tree! (small) 95x138.jpg The heritage people are (at last) about to make improvements to Sefton Park. Much of the intended work is welcomed by everyone. So why must they remove certain trees - such as a lovely willow - which those who use the park as a local place for peace and quiet have come to regard as part of that tranquility? I hope they change their minds soon.

Liverpool SeftonPark middle lake willow, under threat

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Sefton Park's Grebes And Swans

Liverpool's Sefton Park, Swans, Herons And Grebes

Sefton Park, Liverpool: Winter Solstice 2006

Cherry Blossom For May Day In Sefton Park, Liverpool

Solar Lighting Could Solve The Parks Problem

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Cherry Blossom (small) 70x90.jpg The cherry blossom in Liverpool's Sefton Park has been very early this year; it has already offered much delight to those who stroll along the middle lakesides, the blossoms pink, cream, white and even cerise. But one tree is still in glorious full bloom as we reach May Day eve.

Cherry Blossom Sefton Park Liverpool 07.4.30 for MayDay 480x380.jpg

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Liverpool's Sefton Park, Swans, Herons And Grebes

Sefton Park, Liverpool: Winter Solstice 2006

Friends Of Sefton Park

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